Paint Raw Material Evaluation

SITUATION: A global company with multibillion dollar sales required a paint raw material evaluation from a paint expert of the performance and application potential of a new fluoropolymer resin that they developed.

ACTION: Due to the resident coating expertise in fluoropolymer coatings, the supplier contracted Chemical Dynamics to provide an independent evaluation of this new resin chemistry. Our company conducted paint and coatings testing to evaluate the material.

RESULT: Chemical Dynamics completed the evaluation and identified multiple new applications for the fluoropolymer resin chemistry.

Automotive Paint Product Development

Automotive Paint Product Development & Paint Consulting

PROBLEM: A company with multibillion dollar sales to the automotive OEM market required a unique coating for markets around the globe and was unable to locate a paint company with the expertise to develop the requisite performance.

ACTION: They contacted the paint experts at Chemical Dynamics to develop a coating that would meet their performance needs of being REACH compliant, low VOC, low friction with resistant to high heat and automotive chemicals.

RESULT: It a short period of time, Chemical Dynamics was able to develop a product that met all customer requirements.


University Paint Consult/Material Evaluation

University Paint Consult/Material Evaluation for Nano-based Additive

SITUATION: A large public university was seeking an independent paint expert opinion of possible applications for a new water based nano-based conductive additive for paint.

ACTION: The university contracted Chemical Dynamics to perform the study.

RESULT: After extensive evaluations, Chemical Dynamics was able to demonstrate that the nano-based material demonstrates the ability to replace heavy metal chrome based pigment for corrosion inhibition purposes. A second utility of the technology was determined to be as a thickener for water born coatings.

New Wood Coating Reduces Cost


A leading manufacturer of coatings for forestry applications requested assistance to reduce cost and improve performance by reformulating two of their product lines to form a new wood coating.



Chemical Dynamics reformulated the product lines by replacing a portion of some pigments with lower cost substitutes that provided lower cost and improved performance.



Launching a new wood coating that reduces cost by 10% while providing equivalent opacity and improved depth of color